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Dormer tools in Geelong 

Here at Aikman Engineering, we understand just how important the right tools and equipment is to our success. 
We appreciate that a few thousandths of an inch are all it takes to throw even the best-made components back onto the scrap pile.

Dealing in quality tools

Our machinist and fabrication engineers have been around long enough to know that quality tools make the job easier and that they always outlast their cheaper counterparts. Dormer has been producing precision tooling such as taps, dies, drills, and reamers since the need for them arose. Our engineering team is confident enough in these outstanding products that we offer them for sale at some of the best prices in the Geelong area.
aikman engineering dark dormer bits
aikman engineering different types of dormer bits

Our Dormer range includes

  • Hand taps (M, MF, UNC, UNF, BSF, BSW, BA, BSP, and BSPT)
  • Machine taps (M, MF, UNC, UNF, BSF, BSW, BA, BSP, and BSPT)
  • Drills (spot and centre drills, Jobber and Morse taper, Long)
  • Reamers (Hand and machine) and countersinks
  • Tap holders and die nuts
  • Slot drills, end mills, and ball nose (long and short series)
  • T-slots, Rad cutters, dovetails, S&F, slitting saws, and shell type
  • HSS (Squares and Rods) and Drill, Tap, CSK, and end mill kits

Invest in the best

Our range of Dormer tools offered for sale is comparable with those used here in our own workshop, and they represent exceptional value for money.
Why should you settle for second best when you can have genuine Dormer tools that will still be doing the job they were made for long after the inferior copies have found their way into the scrap bin?

Call our engineering, fabrication & driveline specialists in Geelong now on 03 5278 5545.

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