Vehicle Modifications

 aikman engineering workshop with cars on hydraulic lift

Professional vehicle modifications in Geelong  

Whether you are building for performance or carrying out vehicle modifications, strength and integrity are crucial factors. The expert engineers here at AE Performance are experts in all aspects of chassis, axle, and driveline performance enhancement. Through the utilisation of our precision engineering, machining, and fabrication skills, we provide expert vehicle modifications that provide the exceptional performance our motorsports clients are seeking.

Our range of vehicle modifications includes

  • Racecar chassis
  • Racecar 9” housings
  • Hot rods 
  • 9” driveline conversions
  • Wheel tubbing
The AE performance team offers a full range of chassis work including the building of racecar chassis, and street car and hot rod modifications. Wheel tubbing is one of our specialities, with either three or four-link suspension modifications and coil over-shockers.

We can provide any vehicle alterations to meet the customer’s requirements and we also offer assistance to ensure full engineer’s compliance on all of our performance services.
aikman engineering race car chassis
aikman engineering race car nine inch housing
aikman engineering hot rod
aikman engineering nine inch conversions
aikman engineering wheel tubbing

Call our engineering, fabrication & driveline specialists in Geelong now on 03 5278 5545.

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